30th ANNIVERSARY Digital Card Baby


Subscription only from 0 to 10 years old.
You will receive in digital version the virtual card and Laura’s picture.

The FanClub membership card entitles you to the following BENEFITS:
  • Free participation during tour Soundcheck (Concert ticket is required).
  • Participation at the annual exclusive FanClub party (Free entry).
  • Possibility to tour the FanClub headquarters starting from June 1st 2023 (by appointment only).
  • Right of first refusal to purchase Concert-related tickets.
  • Participation as an audience member in Radio/TV programs.
  • Early access to concerts.
  • Purchase in the Laura4u.com official store at lower prices compared to non-members.

UNDERAGE members (with valid membership card – or Virtual Card – which is valid in the date of the concert they chose + a regular concert ticket) can participate to the sound check accompanied by a parent or another adult person, as long as this person is in possession of a regular concert ticket.

For further details select MEMBERSHIP BENEFITS by clicking here.

This membership does not include the shipping of items.


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