It being understood that all the provisions of this Regulation, in taking advantage of the services offered to Fan Club members, the subscriber is obliged to respect the name, the image, the pseudonym, trademarks and/or logos and any other Artists’ identification and evocative element (“Elements”).

In that respect, the registered member acknowledges that constitues a serious violation of the behavior rules and unlawful civil and/or criminal, and by consequences he/she CANNOT :


(i)            use the Elements in order to produce and / or promote and / or sell third-parts product and / or services;

(ii)           use the Elements in order to produce and / or promote and / or sell products depicting the Elements;

(iii)          to produce CDs, DVDs and other media containing the Elements without the consent of those entiteld and / or the fulfillment of legal obligations (Eg. SIAE);

(iv)          to produce CDs, DVDs and other media containing musical works performed by the Artist without the consent of those entitled;

(v)            commercial exploitations of the Elements;

(vi)          to execute a behaviour prejudical to the honor, image and reputation of the Artist and Fan Club members;

(vii)         reproduce, copy, transform, distribute, to place at somebody’s disposal or disclose in any other way to other sites or to the public any typi of material and / or information contained in the Site, unless such action is explicitly authorized by the Fan Club;

(viii)       create link on the site pages to third party websites;

(ix)          even misbehaviour that could consitute a law or regulation violation;

(x)            the Virtual Car improper use;

(xi)          improper use of Site and services offered in conflict with the law or morality;

(xii)         even misbehaviour that could cause injury to the Fan Club and / or to third parties, or could be suscptible to damage, spoil or prevent in any way the normal Site, documents, files and contents use;

(xiii)       upload, post or otherwise transmit any material that contains virus or other codes, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the software functionality of any software or hardware or telecommunications system of third parties, suspend or disrupt the services offered by the Fan Club.


The subscriber aknowledges and agrees that, if the Fan Club established, directly or as a result of reporting, a Regulation violation, the Fan Club will have the right to suspend the access to the Site, to obscure or immediately delete, without notice and in its sole discretion, in whole or in part, the space made available to the user and / or prevent the user to use the services. In the case of deactivation of services before the natural expiration, the subscriber shall not be entitled to ask the refund of the amount paid. This shall not prejudice the right of the Fan Club to claim compensation for any damage suffered by the user's illegal conduct.


The registered member, using the services offered by the Fan Club, undertakes to update and become aware of the new conditions of the Regulation and to inform his/herself about the changes. The new terms and conditions will be automatically effective after 15 days from the date of their notification through Website publication. The registered users, within that period, if they not agree with the new terms and conditions of the Regulation, may terminate, notifying by mail at the following address :  and confirm within 48 hours the annulment via registered mail at the following address :

Laura Pausini Official Fan Club Via F. Santi 14 48027 Solarolo (Ra) Italy


You just can join the FanClub via Internet and by credit card (Visa, Mastercard and including prepaid / rechargeable credit cards such as Italian PostePay card), MyBank, Masterpass and PayPal. The application for membership forms contained in the CDs are no  longer valid and payment via bank transfers or postal orders are not accepted.

The membership card of the Fanclub, in each of it’s forms such as BABY, LOW COST, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM or DIAMOND ( or other memebership card type provided by the FanClub ) has a validity of 365 days from the moment of activation. 

It should be renewed every year and the subscriber can decide freely:

* When to renew (without losing validity days);

* To change the type of membership


Once subscription is activated, the member :

- Will receive immediately, by e-mail, their own Virtual Card and the regulation.

- Will have the right to login to the website specially reserved for members ( by simply inserting their e-mail and the password, which was confirmed on the moment of completing the personal data.

The virtual card has the same validity as the real one in plastic and can be used exactly the same way as the real one for initiatives of the Fan Club, and related to it.

After the login to has been made by inserting the e-mail indicated during subscribing and the chosen password, you can navigate the website which is reserved for members of the FanClub and have always at your disposal your own Virtual Card. 

You'll find the Virtual Card inside of your personal profile.

Access to the site ( username and password ), as well as the membership card of the Fanclub are personal, non-transferable to third people and must be kept confidential. Each member is responsible for their own access details at and the related use of them.  

Any change of e-mail address should be requested to the personnel of the Fan Club.

The member is responsible for the details given at the moment of subscription to the Laura Pausini Fan Club. Any failure / omission / inaccuracy of such details will result in a delay in the process of finalizing this enrollment and / or the risk of failure of the expedition.


The membership card of the Fanclub gives right to the next benefits :

Participate to various activities that could be proposed by the Fanclub throughout the year (participation as audience during television broadcasting or radio or other promotional events also including the Fan Club Party). Those who take part to these activities, agree to be filmed free of charge without any terms / modalities limitations for the uses the Fan Club deem more appropriate.

Possibility to purchase concert tickets during  exclusive presale. 

Participation in Fan Club activities and in the Party with the presence of Laura to be held wherever possible (depending on Artist's commitments).

The possibility to win a free trip and stay in the place where the Fanclub Party will be held (The prize is personal and not transferable).

Advanced and dedicated entrance, wherever / whenever it’s possible, on occasion of Laura’s Tours, to participate to the  soundcheck independently on Laura’s presence.

TEN regular members could win a free ticket each, for every Laura’s Tour date (the prize is transferable only and exclusively after withdrawal of the prize by the winner at the ticket office).

You'll be able to purchase items from the Official Store at lower prices than those for ordinary customers.  

Members could use the chat and the forum to communicate with each other and with Laura.


It is explicitly forbidden for all users of to take outside the website any type of material made visible such as (photos, texts, audo/video/pdf files etc.).

Otherwise the Laura Pausini Official Fans Club reserves the right to take action against the offender(s) depending on the heaviness of the violation, including the exclusion from the Fans Club and all it's organized iniziatives.

We notify everyone who has created or has the intention to create pages dedicated to Laura Pausini on Social Media such as: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, etc. that everything associated with Laura Pausini and Laura4u is covered by copyright.

This means that those who are NOT licensed or are NOT holders of the brand incur in legal sanctions and cannot use the word OFFICIAL, but the words NON OFFICIAL to promote their pages.

Those who already created pages dedicated to Laura Pausini are strongly recommended to insert in the name/last name of the page the words NON OFFICIAL PAGE.

If Facebook doesn't allow to change the page name, fanspages administrators have to add the formula "NON OFFICIAL PAGE" among INFORMATIONS.

The lack of respect with the above will result in exclusion JUST of the various FANPAGES ADMINISTRATORS from the the Laura Pausini Official Fans Club (if applicable) and from the activities of the Fans Club: participation to sound check, FansClub Party, participation to radio and television broadcast as audience.

On the occasion of various competitions organized by the Fan Club, the assignment of the various prizes provided will be carried out in order to give all members an equal chance of winning.

Fan Club will provide the winner all the details in relation to the characteristics and properties of the prize. In case of confirmation or renunciation of the award the winner must give prompt notice to the Fan Club. 

Fan Club, for its part, will assign from time to time and ??for each competition, a deadline by which the winner must communicate the acceptance or the renunciation. 

In case of renunciation the Fan Club will ensure the re-allocation of the prize.

The person accompanying the winner, minor or adult, must personally cover the cost of travel / accommodation / food, because the payout relates only to the Fan Club member.

The prizes - awarded through different kind of contests - involving for the enjoyment by the winners – flights booking, hotel reservations, organization of trips, travel documents provided by the Fans Club, due to their particular nature and for logistical / organizational needs associated to  them, are registered and non-transferable to others.

Whenever possible the Fanclub will give their members the possibility to take part as audience for radio or tv programs or other events.

Participation as audience at this type of activities, including Fanclub Party, implies acceptance of being filmed free of charge without any limitation in terms and modalities for the uses the Fanclub and/or Radio/TV broadcaster will deem more appropriate.

The list of participants
will be composed on the basis of ONE of the following methods at the discretion of the Fanclub

- First-in basis of member's participation request.
Example : if the program / TV / Radio station asks for 50 participants, the first 50 who send their request of participation via e-mail, will be included in the list. From the 51st onwards, they will be considered as reserves.

- Random selection performed with the card numbers by the directors of the Fan Club;

- Random selection performed with the card numbers by using dedicated software;



According to the communication dated 12/21/2015, the names included in the "Che tempo che fa" Fans Club list of 15/12/2015, are excluded from Fans Club activities held in 2016.

We remind to all LPFC members that if you wish to pay tribute to Laura with various activities, for example Flashmobs or something alike, you are required  to inform the Official Fanclub about them ALWAYS; because we are glad to support Fans’ special collective activities.

In connection with this subject, we wish to specify that for the realization of the above-mentioned activities, the Official Fanclub places official merchandising items at participants disposal at special prices.  This way, the Official FanClub can guarantee a discount as regards as ordinary prices and keeps you out from copyright infringements or  unauthorized uses of logos / brands / images .

These special prices are applied to activities involving groups starting from 30 people up.


The prices charged in case of special activities such as these, are something completely different and indipendent from the prices charged in the Laura Pausini Store.


We know about the existence of many Laura Pausini Tribute Bands. 

First and foremost Laura and all of us with her are very happy that these bands are taking around the name Laura Pausini besides their own professionalism.  

The only comment we would like to point out  is the question of the officialization.

We know that some of the bands are using terms as 'OFFICIAL' or 'UFFICIALE' to define themselves as a band that we recognized.

Laura has never wanted to formalize ANY band NOT to take distance from these initiatives but NOT HAVING TO CHOOSE a band in DISADVANTAGE  of the others. It also alows them to work in the music field.

We kindly request to Tribute Bands dedicated to Laura NOT to use terms as 'OFFICIAL' and 'UFFICIALE' associated with the name Laura Pausini on posters, invitations and on their websites or promotion material.

We confirm on behalf of Laura and the Fanclub all of our esteem and our support for your nowadays and future initiatives.



The reception management and placing to disabled persons, are aspects that are totally organized by the local organization based on judgment of the Safety Commission.


The sale of tickets reserved for disabled members doesn’t depend on the fanclub, but the ticket offices (like Ticketone) and the concert organization (F&P Group)


Detailed news will be send time after time through newsletter.




Like to send stuffs to be signed by Laura ? Send the material by  Registered Mail or Carrier to : Laura Pausini FanClub, Via F. Santi 14 – 48027 Solarolo (Ra) Italy

Due the huge number of applications that we receive in this sense, it is possible to ask for  an autograph / dedication ONLY ON 1 PIECE for each member (Article merchandise / photos / other type of object).


Your request must be completed with the covering of handling and shipping costs (10,oo euros Europe)  payble with a link provided by Fan Club staff. Don’t forget to provide your stuffs to be signed also with a copy of payment. If you also like to have an inscription on your material, please specify it. But, be aware that Laura could not  follow your instructions and write what she think more suitable.


Do you like to get Laura’s autograph on merchandise items you buy on Laura Pausini Store ? Express your request when passing your order.


We cannot guarantee certain clearing times for this kind of requests because they depend on  Laura activities and schedules. Moreover, when she’s promoting a record or has a Tour all over the world, this kind of requests cannot be cleared.

E-mail :

Due to the incredible amount of emails that we receive every day, it's essential that you diversify your messages based on what you want to request.

We inform you that e-mail does not relevant to the destination address, will NOT be taken into account.


*For all the matters that are strictly about the Laura Pausini Store: items, their characteristics, their availability, orders, processing times, procedures to buy merchandise or if you don't receive them, methods of payment and / or problems with them, inventory, return items, exchange purchases, new shipping address ,right of withdrawal, write to:


*For all the matters that are strictly about FanClub membership: Information / questions about the kind and features of the options available IF NOT already shown on , procedures and processing times by the Fanclub, payment methods and / or problems with them, failure in receiving your FanClub membership card and/or virtual card, changes of address, stock or right of withdrawal, write to:


*For technical issues only :  Viewing Laura’s web sites, problems to  access to, problems to use Chat and Forums, write to :


*To request autographs : If you want request  autographs and / or send your material to be autographed, write to:  These requests will be accepted  from members of the Fanclub ONLY.


*To book a visit to the FanClub, according to the rules listed, please write to:


*To write to Laura : 
For obvious reasons, the Fanclub will operate on the messages filtering  the number, type and content. Laura cannot deal directly with this account.


*During special events we will activate and use special e-mail boxes :  and will be announcing more details before the special event


*For any other matters NOT covered in previous sections, you can write to:


The mailbox is only for OUTGOING mail (Newsletter). We ask you NOT to send e-mail to this address because of you will not get any response.




Visits will last no more than 30min. From Mondays to Fridays, morning and afternoons.
On Saturdays, Sundays, holidays and days before holidays the Fan Club is closed.

Only TWO members admitted in each round of visit.
Chaperons accompanying members affiliated wil be able to enter the FanClub ONLY IF they're parents of members under 14 y.o. OR IF they're accompanying DISABLED members.

In any case, amitted ONE FanClub member per each round of visit.

The use of photo cameras, camera recordings and video-cell phones is strictly FORBIDDEN in ALL INSTALLATIONS.

We suggest having a pair of possible dates and schedules for visiting the FC, indicating name/surname, Membership N°, telephone Nº (cell phone if you have) and e-mail. If the visit will be with more members it's absolutely necessary to give all the corresponding details of all the members.

The visit confirmation will succeed as soon as possibile after receipt of the request mail to visit. In case of cancellation the requesting member must promptly notify the Fanclub.

Is possible to book the visit via e-mail by writing to with the subject "FanClub Visit".



Due to the limited use of this service by members, the Laura Pausini Official FansClub Fans Line, will be closed starting from September 1st, 2014. Of course, after that date, our answering machine will remain active H24.

Of course any news about Laura, her activities and the Official FansClub ones, will be available on her official sites and official social networks.


Until August 31st, 2014 the Laura Pausini Fans Line is open from Tue. to Thur. between 4:00 and 5:30 pm.

From 1st spetember 2014 is active our answering machine 24h at the following number : +39 0546 51372 



JUST members of the ITALIAN Laura Pausini Official Fan Club (rule applicable worldwide) with valid registration will have access to the soundcheck.


Members of the Laura Pausini Official FanClub with rights of attending the sound check must be aware that they won't be allowed inside the venue if they buy unothorized merchandise from unlicensed sellers. It's a matter of distinction and respect to the Artist.


The soundcheck will be performed in every concert date, wherever / whenever it’s possible – independently on Laura’s presence.


Soundcheck schedule may vary, and is determined by the NULLA OSTA of the Safety Commission and Public Assistance (ambulance, mediac and paramedical staff). Once the authorization is granted by the said Commission , members will be able to enter for the sound check. There will be a dedicated and reported  entrance on the spot where Mr. Fabrizio Pausini or Marco Margotti or another person  in charge of the FanClub is going to oversee , monitor and handle the whole FanClub entry process to sound check completely independently. These are the only people who will decide who will be entitled to access to the sound check  or not.

Any type of list and / or order entry written by members DO NOT have ANY value .

Members will attend the sound check from the purchased sector for matters of public order.

All information that are NOT included in site about this subject will be available at the concert.

Members of the Laura Pausini FanClub can participate to the sound check before the beginning of the concerts if they have in their hands a proper valid member card (or printed virtual card. The virtual card has the same validity as the real one in plastic) on the concert date and a regular concert ticket.

UNDER aged members (with valid membershipcard – or virtual card -which is valid in the date of the concert they chose and a regular concert ticket) can be accompanied by a parent or another adult person, as long as this person is in possession of a regular concert ticket.

DISABLED members (with valid memebrship card – or virtual card ) will be able to attend the soundcheck with her/his companion as long as this person is in possession of a regular concert ticket.